Rafael Alcántara is a demanded saxophonist, bandleader and sideman for private and public events. As a flutist he plays in various classical ensembles, with a focus on music-historical performance practice in the 19th century.

Rafael Alcántara is also engaged in own music projects for jazz music and contemporary music in churches. As a saxophonist and flutist he regularly gives concerts in Munich and the surrounding area, among them:

Nazareth-Kirche, Steinhausen

Immanuel-Kirche, Daglfing

Markus-Kirche, Maxvorstadt

Erlöser-Kirche, Schwabing

Pfarrei St. Clemens / St. Vinzent Neuhausen

Pfarrei St. Benno, Maxvorstadt

Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Giesing

Lukas-Kirche, Lehel